The PEI Energy Corporation (with Dunsky Energy) is in the midst of developing a new long-term energy strategy for the province. Peter Bevan-Baker has repeatedly raised concerns about energy during debates in the Legislature and felt it important to participate in the development of this strategy. He attended the public consultation meeting in Montague on June 2nd, and has now submitted written comments on the draft strategy.

Peter’s written comments are posted here:
OTP Comments draft Energy Strategy 2016-06-10

Another draft of the Energy Strategy will be published later in June of 2016 with a final round of public consultations. Check for updates or to share your own thoughts on PEI’s energy future.


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  1. Bill Kays 11 June 2016 at 7:39 am

    I have read your written comments and found them to be a fair assessment if one wants to continue down the road of an already failed system, with only Maritime Electric (Fortis) shareholders as being beneficiaries. Individual household sustainability, off the central grid, each with their own system of power generation, will be effective in the long run. It is not in a politicians best interest to play the long game instead of the short one as someone else down the road gets all the credit. Therein lies the problem of the current system. Systemic change is needed, bandaids are not the answer. Politicians usually only only see as far ahead as the next election cycle. This prevents them from doing the people’s work in the most effective way. Anyone can jump into a sinking boat, bail a few pails, jump out, and then say they did all that they could to prevent the boat from sinking.


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