By Share Bear ( (Own work – Public Domain) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

With the opening of each legislative session, the governing party outlines its plans and priorities in a Speech from the Throne. Delivered to the legislature by the Queen’s representative, the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, the Throne Speech sets out the work that government intends to pursue during the session. On Tuesday, November 14th, 2017, government will present the third Speech from the Throne since Premier MacLauchlan was elected.

The current government’s mandate is half over, so the Office of the Third Party thought it would be an appropriate time to issue a “mid-term report card” on government’s actions towards achieving their goals. In preparing the report card, we tried to identify goals that were both significant and measurable. Some statements in the original speeches were not incorporated into the report card because they were minor tweaks to current programs or services; they were promises repeated from the 2015 Throne Speech; or the text was unclear on what government’s actual intent was, thus making it impossible to grade. We have tried to assess government’s success at implementing their own stated policies and targets, without judging the validity
of those policies or targets themselves.

Links to the full speeches:
1st Speech from the Throne, 3 June 2015
2nd Speech from the Throne, 5 April 2016