2 October 2017

For immediate release

Public input sought on Employment Standards Act Amendments

Peter Bevan-Baker, leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, is seeking public input on a Private Member’s Bill amending the Employment Standards Act to provide improved whistleblower protections to employees working in the private sector.

“In the spring, government introduced Bill 76: The Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Protection Act, which offers whistleblower protection to members of the public sector. We were very pleased to see the new act, and immediately wondered how we could also extend some basic protections to employees in the private sector,” said Bevan-Baker. “There are currently two provinces that have this legislation: Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, and we are proposing legislation similar to Saskatchewan’s.”

The Office of the Third Party has prepared a discussion paper and is seeking public input on the proposed amendments. “As a former business owner, I appreciate the importance of maintaining the duty of loyalty an employee has to her or his employer. However, I am also aware that there is an overall public interest in having wrongdoing disclosed.”

“In drafting our legislation, we want to maintain the delicate balance between the needs of employers, employees and the public good,” said Bevan-Baker. “So I am hoping we will receive comments from many different perspectives.”

The Discussion Paper on Proposed Amendments to the Employment Standards Act can be found on the Office of the Third Party’s website (http://www.peterbevanbaker.ca/get-involved/consultation-private-whistleblower-protection/). Comments will be accepted until October 27, 2017. For more information on the consultation, you may call the Office of the Third Party at 902-620-3977.


Media Contact:
Peter Bevan-Baker
902-620-3977 (office)
902-388-8171 (mobile)


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  1. Bill Kays 2 October 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Public yes, private no. What is the purpose on the private side? I am no longer an employer or an employee but I can foresee the possibility of abuse by scorned employees or employers. I also believe that unless there is government connection(on your public side) any proposal would simply end up like the jews and nazis back in the days that no one seems to want to remember, where everyone is telling on everyone. Private business is just tht .. private. They have enough government legislation and regulation already.


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