Statements by Members, 12 November 2015
Full transcript available here.

Dr. Bevan-Baker: I apologize to the press for delaying your first Question Period even further.

I would like to embark on this new session with a renewed commitment to work collaboratively, to seek shared solutions, and to behave respectfully at all times in this House. To that end, I’d like this member’s statement to commend my colleagues on some of the announcements that have been made since we last met.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate again my friend the hon. Leader of the Opposition on his appointment as leader of the party.

Before we on this side of the House get down to holding government to account, I wish to commend the governing party on a series of what I consider to be potentially exciting and progressive initiatives that were announced over the summer. Firstly, the commitment to renewable energy. While this is not a new commitment, it seems to have arrived with a vigour and sincere intentions.

The notice just last week on the reorganization of the educational bureaucracy. While its implications may not yet be clear, it’s a commitment to action in an area that was clearly needed and was quite dysfunctional. So I thank you for that.

The expansion of the use of biomass heating in our public buildings.

A new whistleblower policy which is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to this becoming legislation rather than policy in the future.

The release of ministerial mandate letters, the rolling out of the democratic renewal and water act community meetings.

All of these things, in my mind, are positive. While I will reserve my unqualified praise for them until I see all of the details, I’m encouraged by the general direction and the tone of much of what I have heard and seen.

I wish us all an industrious, harmonious, and productive session.

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.

Some Hon. Members: Hear, hear!

Speaker: Thank you hon. Leader of the Third Party.


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