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As Leader of the Third Party, I am planning to introduce a Private Member’s Bill this fall that would amend the Employment Standards Act to provide improved whistleblower protections to employees working in the private sector. My staff and I are seeking input on this bill before we introduce it in the legislature.

In the spring, government introduced Bill 76: The Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblower Protection Act, which offers whistleblower protection to members of the public sector. We immediately thought it would also make sense to extend some basic protections to employees in the private sector. We reviewed legislation in other jurisdictions and discovered that both Saskatchewan and New Brunswick offer these protections. The Office of the Third Party has prepared a discussion paper on the proposed amendments and draft legislation for public consultation.

As a former business owner, I appreciate the importance of respecting the duty of loyalty an employee has to her or his employer. However, I am also aware that there is an overall public interest in having wrongdoing disclosed.

In drafting our legislation, I wanted to maintain the delicate balance between the needs of employers, employees and the public good, so it is important for us to receive comments from many different perspectives.

Consultation documents

Discussion Paper
Draft Bill
Press Release


Deadline for comments

The deadline for submissions has passed. We are currently preparing the bill for tabling in the Legislature in the upcoming sitting (fall 2017).