The Office of the Third Party, like the Government Members’ Office and the Opposition Members’ Office, receives an annual operating grant to pay for various costs associated with the duties performed by Members of the Legislative Assembly. This includes things like office supplies, cell phones, professional services, travel, equipment, printing, advertising, hosting, and other expenses. Our operating grant, as determined by the Standing Committee on Legislative Management, is $20,000 per year. In addition, we have a staff allocation of $65,000 plus one sessional researcher, which is a full time position while the House is sitting (plus four weeks before or after). MLAs are also reimbursed some additional expenses directly from the legislature, which are disclosed by the Legislature.

In April 2016, the Legislature began disclosing quarterly summaries of caucus office expenses. In an effort to be as open and transparent as possible, the Office of the Third Party discloses further details about these expenses.

This is public money, and we believe the public has a right to know how we spend it.

Publishing these reports is one way in which we are following though on our commitment to be as open and transparent as possible. A special thanks goes out to Peter Rukavina who helped educate us on open data and provided feedback to help us improve our practices.


Fiscal Year Quarter Period By Account Raw Data Explanatory Notes
2015-16 1/2 Jun-Sep [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2015-16 3 Oct-Dec [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2015-16 4 Jan-Mar [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2015-16 Annual
2016-17 1 Apr-Jun [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2016-17 2 Jul-Sep [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2016-17 3 Oct-Dec [PDF] [CSV] [PDF]
2016-17 4 Jan-Mar [CSV] [PDF]
2017-18 1 Apr-Jun [CSV] [PDF]
2017-18 2 Jul-Sep [CSV] [PDF]
2017-18 3 Oct-Dec [CSV] [PDF]