• Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary

    Ann and I have been married for 30 years on July 4th, or “end of Independence day” as it is sometimes jokingly referred to in our house! Maintaining a relationship with another human being over […]

  • Party tricks

    Party tricks

      Money, as we all know, makes the world go round, or so the saying goes. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to figure out money, and it still remains largely a mystery […]

  • House renovations

    House renovations

      It’s been two weeks since the PEI Legislature closed for the summer, and as some distance opens up between the peculiar environment which exists inside the rail and more normal life on the outside, […]

  • The age of enlightenment?

    The age of enlightenment?

    Not that I needed to be reminded of this fact, but last week once again demonstrated that politics is an unpredictable animal. The simple – at least on the surface – idea of reducing the […]

  • The fable of the Finance Minister who cried wolf

    The fable of the Finance Minister who cried wolf

    Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? He kept telling those around him that a wolf was about to eat his flock of sheep, but when they went to check, there […]