Peter Bevan-Baker

Peter_Bevan_BakerGPEIBLS2622_LEG_4x5Peter arrived at the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly in May 2015 after following a long and winding road. That road began in Aberdeen, Scotland, moving through Newfoundland and Ontario before arriving in Hampton Prince Edward Island in 2002.

On the way he studied music, became a dentist, married “the kindest person I’ve ever met,” had 4 children, wrote 6 plays and a musical, and ran as a Green Party candidate in 10 elections before finally succeeding in May 2015 when he became the proud MLA for Kellys Cross – Cumberland. In doing so, Peter became the first Green Party member of the Provincial Legislature.

Peter was always active in his community, contributing in a variety of ways. Whether it was directing plays at his local elementary school, chairing the board of the Victoria Playhouse, or coaching soccer, he always felt and acted on a strong sense of community responsibility. He is absolutely thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to contribute at a level and in a manner that is only possible as an elected representative.

Office of the Third Party

The Office of the Third Party provides non-partisan support for members of the third party in completing their duties as members of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.

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